This was a renovation to an existing house. Oiginally, the house did not include any automation. The clients were familiar with the Crestron system and so proceeded with a complete installation of a Crestron Home system including touch screens, smart remote, customized light switches….


The audio system through the whole house was changed. We used a mix of speakers including in-wall and invisible speakers and connected a Crestron Sonnex system providing high performance audio though out the home. Each of the Crestron touch screen control the audio system with the ability to browse music such as Spotify and Apple Music via the Sonos interface native to the Crestron touch screen. 


The Air-conditioning system was integrated with the Crestron system allowing full control of every room in the house via touch screen or smart phone.


The house was also fitted with a CCTV and alarm system which allows for access on the client’s smart phones.  The 2N intercom system we installed has a video link with the Crestron system and the client’s smart phones. 


The Crestron Home system was also integrated with other features of the house, including a gas fireplace and underfloor heating. Automatic windows were added to the main bedroom and Crestron shades were installed throughout the house.


We worked closely with a lighting designer to install all new lighting throughout the house.

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