Kayder employees have been providing commercial electrical services for over 10 years and have developed a strong background in all facets of electrical power installations and maintenance.

Kayder can undertake small to medium size projects and does commercial work all over Australia. Kayder is geared to provide rapid and efficient 24-hour service covering additions, alterations and maintenance.

Business Sectors covered include:

  • Commercial

  • Office Fitouts

  • Retail

  • Large Scale Residential

  • Public Sector

  • Entertainment Venues

  • Data Centres & Computer Rooms




Do you need a sound system for your stage or venue? Whether the system is required for a DJ, small band or a concert quality production, Kayder can design and install it.


Commercial installation’s from:

  • Bars, clubs

  • Nightclubs

  • Schools

  • Retirement Homes

  • Sporting facility’s such as ovals club houses and stadium

  • Shoping centres

  • Car parks

At Kayder, we do not align ourselves with just one supplier – we do not feel that this is in our client’s best interest. We prefer to choose the best products suited to each project. In the case of speaker manufacturers we can choose from leading brands including Turbosound, Renkus-Heinz, Sonance, Triad, Toa, Australian Monitor and many more


Kayder’s design team is made up of experienced audio engineers that know what it takes to ensure that you have the opportunity to obtain an excellent quality of sound in your venue.


Kayder utilises the latest technology in video distribution and are authorised engineers and designers of the industry’s best solution for HDMI video distribution.

Crestrons DM is the ONE complete high definition engineered solution. Crestron Digital media is not just a switcher, an extender or a wire, it's a complete source-to-display end-to-end engineered solution.

Digital AV is not simple, but Crestrons digital media make it easy. Over the past few years, DM has been installed in thousands of systems and proves to be the most popular and specked in system due to its unmatched functionality.




Kayder's lighting control solutions are designed to face the complex challenges facing the commercial building industry. While each solution offers a varying degree of flexibility and control they all provide the latest in control management technology. 

Our lighting control cuts energy costs by:

  • Daylight Harvesting– Reduces power consumption by automatically dimming lights in proportion to the amount of natural sunlight reaching the designated area.

  • Occupancy Detection – Save energy by setting lights to a minimum level or turn off when the space they illuminate is vacant

  • Programming – Set lights to automatically turn off when everyone has left the workplace




An access control system can provide a business with an audit trail of who’s been coming and going. The system enables the restriction of access to people, by individual, area and time of day. Doors can be controlled to automatically lock and unlock when required. Lighting systems can be integrated so that lights go out when the office is empty.

Access Control technology includes:

  • proximity cards and key fobs;

  • swipe cards;

  • biometric (fingerprint) readers;

  • retina scanners;

  • facial recognition;

  • code.



Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) technology has improved greatly in recent years, to become a very effective deterrent for criminals and enables security professionals and law-enforcements officers to track the movements of people and assets. Modern CCTV systems use multiple cameras in the one house, and/or the networking of multiple cameras into one security system, so that all key areas can be under surveillance at the one time.

The systems can automatically detect forbidden movement of humans, vehicles or any assets in controlled areas and perimeters, and offer an adjustable alert time for loitering.

Digital Video recorders (DVRs) can be connected to keep a record of the events for whatever time period required.

There are many issues to consider when choosing a CCTV system, such as the exact purpose/s of the system, the hours of operation, quality of lighting, spread of the cameras, whether the system will be monitored locally or remotely, the need to interface to existing systems and networks, and the ability to upgrade the systems as technology improves.

Kayder has access to a wide variety of CCTV technology. Our consultants can assist you in choosing the right technology and services for your requirements.



Kayder perform a full range of technical auditing and testing services. Kayder are experts in this field and use the latest technology from Fluke to:

  1. Inspect and troubleshoot single outlets or whole buildings

  2. Diagnose cabling problems efficiently and accurately

  3. Give solutions on how the problem can be rectified

Kayder perform all testing according to International/Australian Standards.


Data cabling is a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates voices data, video and other building automation devices such as alarms, security access and energy systems. Kayder can offer you advice on selection, design and commissioning of data cabling through to ongoing maintenance, extension and upgrades.


Electrical maintenance is a major aspect of the range of commercial and industrial electrical contracting services we provide. Kayder provides speciaised services covering preventative, routine and breakdown maitenance for all business large & small. Our electricians are qualified electrical maintenance contractors that provide regular maintenance and a reliable 24 hour emergency service for unforeseen breakdowns.

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