We retrofit this beautiful sea-side residence with a complete home automation system from Crestron, giving the family intuitive control of their whole home environment including lighting, louvres and shades, climate, home surveillance and security, access, and three entertainment areas — including a brand-new 12-seater home theatre. 


“The best part of the whole installation is the level of personalisation available.” – Homeowner. “For example, by my bedroom door I’ve got one button which turns off the whole room when I leave — the sound, the light, everything. But when I’m coming up to bed I hold it down a little bit longer and it turns off everything downstairs instead — the TV, the lights, everything. So the customisation and versatility is fantastic.”


Being very security conscious, the homeowner asked us to program in panic buttons all around the home. “There’s a combination we can use to trigger a back-to-base alert — should we ever need it. It’s just one part of the security mix and so easy to add in when the security system is so tightly integrated into the smart home system”. Little niceties like this have been programmed to deliver an automation system that thinks the way the homeowner does. From sounding a tone when a door is left open too long, to opening and closing the outside louvres with the sun, to creating an ‘away’ scene that acts as if somebody is home for an added level of security. The system is always in sync with the homeowner, maximising comfort, convenience, and energy savings.


The home has now been transformed into a fully connected, seamlessly integrated residence, adding to the core sleek and stylish aesthetic of the space. Fully equipped with the latest in technology, it is both functional and simple for the entire family to enjoy.


“The customisation and versatility [of my home automation system] is fantastic.”

– Tony